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Marko does bring up a good point here:
Originally Posted by marko View Post
but if this type of aggression occurs with food, maybe it's occurring in other subtle ways as well?
We had a dog that began exhibiting aggressive tendencies at about the age of sexual maturity and it started with such subtle little growls and subtle body postures that we totally missed the signs until the biting began. At the time we'd never experienced such a thing in one of our dogs and there were no behaviorists except at the Universities (...yes, back in the dark, ancient days! ) Certainly, if what you're doing now doesn't seem totally effective, I'd try consulting a behaviorist--again, one with the same caveat Marko is recommending for a trainer (referred from someone you trust).

You're well ahead of that game, though, since you've spotted the problem and can monitor it to keep it from getting as bad as what we ended up with. (And, just so you know, we were finally able to get Gauge's problem under control, but it was more luck and muddling through back then than any insight on our parts. )

Originally Posted by SunGurl372 View Post
Hey there, Hazel! Hope the pack is still doing well!
Yep, still all well, though aging...gracefully, so far, thankfully! And all the voices are doing well, too! How's about youse guys?
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