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This has been the most helpful thread since researching this horrible cancer, I have cried reading your stories and I'm sorry to say I'm going through it right now.

Oeskes my baby is 10 years and 9 months. Noticed bleeding from the nose (left nostril) 1st August, just trickles. Went straight to the vet and referred to a specialist for CT, confirmed Rhinocarcinoma.

She is on Metacam and I have put her on Sinu-Rite and just about to start Yannen, she is arthritic so the Metacam helps with that as well and seems happy in herself for the moment.

My question is how long? It has travelled to the Lymph Nodes in her neck. She is very snotty at the moment and unfortunately I am going away this weekend taking my daughter and her friend on a trip to Wales. But I feel sick leaving her in the hands of my friend who will have strict instructions.

This will be my first trip away with my daughter for two years due to financial constraints and I don't want to let her down. But I fear for my Ossie.

After reading all your experiences I think I trust you all enough to know you will tell me what's best to do!
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