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dog crossing behind u while walking

ok need ideas on how to break Nyx of the habit of going behind me n to switch sides. she used to do this once in a blue moon. Since getting Karma its now almost any time she on a leash walk. which is daily until we can get to where its offleash.
It doesn't matter if Karma is walking on the same side or opposite side of her she will all of a sudden go behind me to walk on the other side. Its driving me crazy cause i can't be letting her do that more so if my mom has to walk them.

Karma started to do it a once or twice on the walk but once i corrected her by telling her no and making sure she stayed on one side unless she crossed in front. She didn't do it again.

With Nyx being the 100lbs its alot harder to hold her to one side at times as i can correct her and we start walking again she slows down to walking beside me(which i would want at times) and then she goes behind before i can correct her. I am drawing blanks as how to really correct her on this.I moved her onto the shorter leash and she still does it. so now walk time its as relaxing as i would like cause i have to keep trying to correct her on this.
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