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Originally Posted by SunGurl372 View Post
Nothing has changed at all. Other than he hit 44 weeks on August 14th.

The dogs have always been fed in the same room, several feet away from each other. I always put the puppy's bowl down, make him sit and wait, put the older dog's bowl down, make her sit and wait, and then release them at the same time. He's never made a dash to get to hers first rather than his own, and if he finishes first (if??!!) and he makes an attempt to go for hers, I can stop him with a simple correction.

Jack is going to be 13, and he's already 5'1, so significant height difference there. And he's always fed the puppy at least one meal each day, and lunch and dinner daily since he's been on summer break. That includes the days when I put in the special extras, so it would make more sense for Jet to see Jack as the bringer of really yummy things.

Jack can give him treats (dried chicken strips, etc.) with no problem, and Jet will obey his commands when Jack asks him to sit, or beg, or high five. Doesn't make any sense.
I knew my granddaughter had to be kept away from her other grandma's
dog when he was eating , my granddaughter was small and the dog saw her as a threat to his dog .
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