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Originally Posted by lovekitties View Post
Thank you for your reply.

He has been on a wet food diet since he adopted us. Occasional dry food. Mostly Applaws / Whiskas. We only fed him ham because he would not eat. We tried to give him raw food diet like our other cats but only accepts it when it is freshly made. Tuna very occasionally too.

Yesterday, he had a great evening after a bad start to the day. In the morning he was very low and lethargic with no appetite and also had slight shaking of head and leg.
In the evening he started slowly pacing around the room as though to exercise. His balance was not good, he lost balance, and when he hit his ear and shook his head, he fell over!
Shortly after, he had a voracious appetite for ham and raw x chicken diet. he drank too. He then started walking around, his balance improved and he even turned around without losing balance. he explored around, visibly curious and better, even his coat looked better; his dandruff seemed to have gone!
He also felt ticklish on his tummy [he used to be extremely ticklish before the onset of his symptoms].

This morning, back to a bad day. No appetite, lethargic... the usual. This evening he accepted canned tuna [not ham] and ate almost a whole can purring. But his balance is awful and he can hardly stand up, but almost crawls.

I suspect it has something to do with his head/neck... he moans when i pick him up and when i try to prop him up from his neck.

We are all baffled
I wonder if chiropractor for pets could help if you think it's neck. My daughter's cat was not able to move his hind legs and had to drag himself around the house. The vet had no idea what happen to the cat , he was rescue cat and may of had an old injury that came back. I hop you can find out what wrong with your poor kitty , it much be very heartbreaking not knowing how to help him. If you do try a chiropractor be sure to check out them out to see if they're license to treat pets .
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