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My dog has killed my neighbour's

Hi all,

Last week my neighbour left my gate open while working on the fence. I was not aware she was in my yard. I let my dogs out not knowing the gate was left open. My lab got out and somehow caught her cat reslulting in her having to have it put down.

I didn't see it happen. She came and told me about it and took 100% responsibility for it. Even at that I offered to pay the vet bill. I feel terrible about the series of crappy events that resulted in this. She's one of the cat owners that believes it's okay for her cats to be at large. This is his first offence, he's a good dog. I think the prey instinct kicked in when he saw the cat.

Apparently one of the neighbours saw what happened and called bylaw. They have seized my dog pending assessment and I will have to go to court. I could really use some advice on what to do when I get there.

Thank you in advance
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