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Need a little help....

I've been absent for quite awhile, but I suspect there are a few folks on here that will remember me (Hazel).

I have an 8 year old pound puppy who has been absolutely fabulous. I've since gone through another experience with a rescue that ended in a resounding and heartbreaking failure.

Decided the next time, I would skip the rescue path and invest the time and energy into finding a reputable breeder with experience and an obvious investment in the breed I chose.

I brought home an 9 week old Lab puppy with deep and proven English champion lines back in December 2012. He was neutered at 6 months, as I don't need or have the capacity to deal with a breeding male.

Aside from the normal obnoxious puppy behavior, he has been absolutely a blessing. Continues to mature emotionally, and so smart.

However.....he has just recently started to develop an unusual food aggressive posture at night. Just the one meal, and never with me. Mostly with my son, who has walked him and fed him for the last two months on summer break. He's pretty mellow on the other meals, but dinner can be a high value meal as I often will add in either a protein high canned food or some steak or chicken from the two-legged folks.

Going on for two weeks and escalated a bit tonight with my son, after he snapped a couple times and gave him a good scratch.

What the heck is going on? Talked to the breeder and they thought it was just his testosterone blooming, but he is cut so I would think that wouldn't be a big influence.

Need help.
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