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An update on my cat. I took her off the steroid that the vet gave b/c she was throwing it up. The vet basically said she prescribed it to hopefully make her more comfortable. It just seemed like they were throwing darts in the dark at that point and my cat didn't seem to be in pain from her visits to the vet and their assessment.

The only other thing I didn't mention in my previous posts was that she sometimes has a slight shaking in her front legs when she's sitting straight up. She's always sort of had these nervous, jumpy twitches though since she was a kitten. She tends to get them when she is focused on something or excited and playing. I'm not sure if that means anything or if that's normal. I just thought it worth mentioning since my vet has throne the "neurological" word around as of late.

I'm not quite sure what else to do, honestly. Other than spend thousands to get a scan or make a specialist appointment to have them guess at what it is. She's still slowly putting a few ounces back on. I have since been feeding her low card, dry kitten food for increased caloric intake. After reading this board, I've tried to introduce wet food into her diet. I bought a low-carb wet food and an all-protein, natural wet food. I give her half a can twice a day and make sure that it is slightly warm. At first, she was just licking the juices off of it, but has since taken to first licking off the juice, leaving the dish for an hour, then eating what's left. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get her to eat more, please let me know. My main concern now is getting her weight back up. Please, take into consideration that she is 14 years old, so weight loss is somewhat expected in the later years, but she has definitely lost some due to whatever it is that has happened to her.

Below are answers to some previous questions:

>>Was the thyroid hormone level tested? Often listed as T4 or Thyroxine.

I'm not sure. I will have to contact the vet, but they said they ran a "full test" on her. I would hate to assume thyroid was included and wasn't. What is the significance to this in regards to her back legs? Would it not show up in blood work as well? I know the thyroid pretty much connects to all organs, but she has definitely had a run on organ work and everything checked out according to the vet.

>>Did you get a copy of the bloodwork?

It's on file and I'm planning on getting her records this week. I'm seeking a second opinion on her condition.

>>Were the joints out of place at all?

The vet didn't mention popped-out joints. She said they were over-extended a bit, but she didn't see anything in addition.

>>Does it seem to come & go like the joints have popped in & out?

It doesn't really come and go. Some days it seems definitely worse, or when she tries to move in a particular direction. One side seems worse than the other I've noticed. Her back left leg seems to turn in a bit as if she's found the most efficient way to walk with whatever is ailing her. It's not noticeable to anyone probably, but I notice it.

>>Please ensure she no longer has access to the bathroom with new caulking, who knows what kind of harmful chemicals are in that stuff.

She has stopped licking weird things, thankfully. She has always, always loved to chew on photos though since she was a kitten.

>>Sometimes when cats start licking things they shouldn't (concrete, litter etc) it's a sign of anaemia or a calcium imbalance, could also be a weird liking to the taste .

She hasn't been licking anything else thankfully.

>>As for nutrition at this point I'd be inclined to feed whatever she will eat to ensure she doesn't lose any more weight, however a higher quality protein based wet food will be the best option.

I have bought a combination of natural, low grain kitten food since the vet suggested kitten food for increased caloric intake and since she is used to dry food. BUT I have been giving her canned food daily. She was reluctant at first and just licked the juice off of it. Now she seems to be eating more of it. I bought her a low carb wet food and a no grain, natural wet food. I'm hoping to move her off of the dry and get her on high protein.
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