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Holly crap, this is what they want to charge...

This is what the vet wanted $69 to sedate, they won't touch him without that. 49 for visit, 207 for blood, 35 lab prep fee, 27 for fecal, 25 for payment plan set up. Then possibly another 89 for pre-op lab set up... $411 to $500. I left.

Went and had a $47 visit and $23 for fecal smear $37 in house urinalysis. He has diabetis and a urinary track infection. . Total with food and medicine $184.00. The place I went wouldn't take payments ever under any circumstances but the whole thing was worth it!! And they said he nipped at them but didn't even bite them. The other place was highway robbery! Now let's hope the diet works. Thanks everyone...:

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