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Got a new pup

well as of yesterday I do believe that i got a new pup. She is about 9 months and is a purebred pitbull(or so was told).
she not really that new to me as one of my brothers got her at 7-8weeks old. i watched her off and on for about 3 months and then my brother gave her to my other brother so he had her and he had her the rest of her short life.Reason for me getting her, is because my brother and his gf came to live with me n brought the dog with them on sunday. The other day his girlfriend was hit by a truck and killed. When she was cross the highway to get to her dads place. my mom and brother and his gf family aren't doing so good. I don't like a lot of change unless i make the change happen. So i don't really want to think about it at all.

ok back to happy note, I got a new dog until my brother wants her back. Her name is Karma and i will post some pictures in a little while of her. she only about 50 lbs or so . she doing great with the cats, and following Nyx around like usual.
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