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Vomiting Blood

I'm using Balance IT Feline with my cat right now. The recipes are free now (unless you want a custom-designed recipe). I think they're basically good recipes. I'm not sure about vegetable oil for cats, so I leave that out when making the food. The Balance IT supplement seems very well researched. I wonder whether it may have a little too much phosphorus and calcium and be a little low on taurine. My cat still eats half commercial food, so I'm not too concerned about this right now. I just add a little more taurine powder that I buy seperately. (I'm not an expert. I just try my best to keep my cat healthy.) My cat actually likes the taste of this supplement, though it depends somewhat on the food I add it to.

Now for the BIG problem: Balance IT Feline makes my cat vomit blood and it gives him bloody stools. He does not have these problems when he isn't getting the supplement. I received a very nice phone call from Balance IT in response to my request for help. However, we were not able to come up with a solution. My cat does have food allergies, and these are the kinds of symptoms he used to get when he was eating foods he was allergic to. I do wonder whether Balance IT has succeeded in removing all animal products from its supplement, like they say. I have the feeling there may still be a bit of something like fish in there. It's also possible that the supplement is causing nausea and vomiting some other way. I'm going to keep trying Balance IT for another few days, but I have the feeling this supplement may not work for my cat.
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