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Just to let you have an update on Loki, bless him, he's been in the wars recently. I took him to the vet last night with, wait for it, a sore eye, mysterious lump, sore ear, itching, and of course, the lump in his mouth. Because he is off his atopica his itching is terrible and so he has just been put on steroids to sort that out However, the vet said that they have been know to shrink cancer tumours (and will also sort out his ear - three operations on it so far this year ) His eye we were treating with Optrex, which the vet said was fine (would normally have gone to vet in first place, but was away from home visiting parents with him, he was completely spoilt rotten . The lump doesn't seem to be anything to worry about. His mouth tumour is currently fairly small and so it is being left alone, with the hope that the steroids will shrink it. Just to warn though, the steroids obviously have side effects, the main one being that they can, over time, cause liver failure Loki will be on them for life, but, as he's 11 now, the vet basically said he would be dead before that happened. Attached is photo of my baby boy on his hols just after he had been for a swim in the lake. He usually won't sit still for photos, and charged off seconds after this was taken!
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