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Originally Posted by Luccistar View Post
And Kira, my associate's deceased marble fox. Kira is a RED FOX (VULPES VULPES) of a color named marble, just like labradors, who are usually golden, can be black, chocolate, blue, etc...
Well way back in January I missed this but Labrador Retrievers are my breed and the only permissable colours for them are black, chocolate and yellow.

Dilutes like silver, charcoal and champagne are the result some years back of mixing in of probably weimeraner genes since N. America is the only place these colours every showed up originally and suspiciously after a kennel of Weims and Labs produced pups. These colours cannot be shown and are prone to dilute associated health concerns.

Other mismarks like brindles and mosaics do rarely occur and cannot be shown and no reputable breeder would ever be caught dead deliberately producing anything other than black, chocolate or yellow.
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