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Cat Lethargy

My 3 year old female calico has in the past week gone through a treatment for an ear infection.

I have noticed in the past week ( no ear meds for 3 days) that she has been very different. Here are a list of changes.

1. Slightly more social towards our roommate, who she pretty much hates.
2. Sleeping almost 40% more than usual.
3. Slightly less appetite, but not significantly so.
4. Place where she sleeps.

My cat usually only lies on the arm of the chair, but lately has been lying on the fusion, and although this seems unimportant, she is 3 and has never changed her ways before.

I KNOW my cat should be fixed. She is not, and I understand the general opinion of the population of the world is that she needs to be fixed. This is in the process of happening, but money is sometimes tight, and we have had some unexpected expenses through out the last three years (a lot of VERY costly expenses, so please no harassment)

Our roommate accidentally let her outside when she had just finished her last heat session, we are generally very vigilant, but our door didn't latch properly, and thankfully my cat is trained to come when she is called, or I may have never even gotten her back.

Do these sound like symptoms of pregnancy? As they do to me somewhat.
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