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Dog lifting his leg in the house PLEASE HELP

Our approximately 2 year old rescue poodle x, Yogi, has taken to spraying all around the house. I think he knows he shouldnt, because he never does it when we are watching. We moved into this house about 6 weeks ago, Yogi has been with us for 6 months. We watch him as closely as we can, but the second we take our eyes off him, we start to find puddles in the corners, on the baseboards, on the corners of our beds etc. I can't have my eyes on him all the time, I have 4 small children to care for! doesn't seem to matter how much time he spends outside, as soon as no one is looking, Yogi is spraying. I've resorted to those belly band diapers for dogs, and he doesn't even care, he just pees in them too. we are waiting for the humane society to follow through and neuter him, but what do we do in the mean time? Or if neutering him doesnt work? I really need to get this figured out, because he is a great little dog, but my husband is not going to let me keep him if it means committing to 13 years of diapers.
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