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Originally Posted by rottysrule View Post
i know in actually a few different places its illegal to move the animals a certain distance and you cant legally catch them either..
i could understand moving them if they are getting into thing or not but when they are just living why bother them.. they set out the trap cause they saw a huge skunks. In british Columbia the skunks are rabies free and skunks are only out usually at night their dog is in at night so they don't have to worry..

I am hoping more and more people will complain, cause all they really have to say is they are trying to catch the neighbours cat or something. since they are using cat food as bait.
I was trying to rescue at homeless cat and set out a trap with my ACO
we trapped a huge raccoon instead. I was feeding the cat and left the bowl on dried food on a chair that was on my deck. I was hoping the wild animals
would not come on my deck. I opened my curtain to see if the cat was eating his food and there was a possum sitting right in the middle of the bowl eating the food. I knocked on the sliding door and the possum looked at me and said 'do you mind I am eating!' Wildlife is really losing their fear of people and the more land we take away from them the closer they come into our backyard. Then people complain about it. What did they think would happen.
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