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Originally Posted by khager View Post
I was talking to my mother in law about the oil and she brought me a bottle of refined, I haven't tried the virgin yet. They went nuts over it the first night, fine with it the second night, now they won't eat it cold or liquid. I mixed it in with canned food and he ate it, but still won't touch it alone now. I posted on that forum, so we'll see what they say.

I'm surprised cats would voluntarily eat something that tastes/smells like coconut though. Maybe it's just because personally I really dislike it, haha.
I am surprised about a lot of things my dogs had eaten and I found out they could less if their dog food comes in a fancy can or plain can. I was thinking about that, as coconuts is not a food a cat would eat on it own. I know when I put lotion on my hands my dog want to lick all off.
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