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Wildlife and people

OK here is my rant of the day its about wildlife and not the big game but the little guys the snakes, coons and skunks.

I lady i know and also watch her dog for. catches raccoons and skunks and some time cats in a live trap or raccoon trap(what ever you want to call it). Well I have never been one to trap and move animals even wild ones and i don't think it's a good thing to do as you don't know if there are kits. This lady will traps n moves the cats and coons but from what i know the 2 skunks she has caught has killed them. They caught a young skunk and they have a guy coming to shoot it tonight. I mean come on you don't live in town what did you think that you buy a house and have land, and all of a sudden all the wildlife leaves the yard or your area. They also are known for killing the garden snakes as they have a goldfish/koi pond so the snakes go for them, from what the lady says.
Here the thing they complain and rant about when people killed a deer near the area. They do Live out rural area where most people have a few acres at least.
My mom has always taught me that we have to live with animals that are around. Heck as a kid i grew up with a wild skunk that was like a pet never got sprayed or anything and could play with it.
Also like 2 years ago when we were feeding our now cat Lady mom left food out so that she knew Lady was eating also we had a few stray hanging around. found out we were feeding a mom coon and her kits. we stopped leaving food out so that the coons wouldn't keep coming around and we live in the city.

I have made a complaint with fish and wildlife but they office is closed today. I didn't want them to mention my name or anything as i rather not deal with hearing it from these people that i would call in a complaint about them.
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