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He's not eating mice now obviously you've never lived in Arizona there's no mice here for him to eat there's nothing furry at all here for him to eat. He used to eat mice and things in Washington. Also I know living in Arizona that know no one H take payments. Believe me I had a Home Invasion here about a year ago. My Japanese Chin had a heart attack and died as a result of that. The police still have $750 if my money that they clearly never intend to return, I tried hysterically to get them to release it while in emergency at the vet with him. The vet also knew that I had just had the Home Invasion the day before and was terrified to be outside my house... Under those circumstances I learned that I'm not in Kansas, (Washington) , anymore. Not even close. People here are horrible.

Char is drinking lots of water and eating. I have every intention of taking him to the vet. I can afford $100. He has lost 12 pounds in a the last 6 to 8 months. He weighs 14 now. I weight him a little bit ago. I hope it's diabetics or something treatable, not cancer. I really can't take loosing another animal now. How do you treat that and or kidney problems or thyroid?
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