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i would have had them on a leash but all were more focused on the water..The only one i was really watching was my dog Nyx as she can be a bit skittish at times. Kobe is a dog that would be one getting bitten he is super submissive, and well keeva avoids other dogs she more a people dog then a dog dog... but i will make sure to keep them on a leash for the next park area. I also had a 2 friends with me n also had the dogs leash with me so if need be i could leash them.
I never really thought about another dog really attacking them as i figure your in an off leash area that the dogs would be dog friendly.

My dog was attack twice at the age of 6 months by a dog that would come down to the regular dog park . it wouldnt have been so bad but the owners ddn't even try n stop there dog or anything. luckly now the dog and owner don't come down anymore.
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