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dog walks???

OK here a question for everyone. when at a new dog park/walk do you ever notice how different it is from the one you usually go to?
Reason i ask is today i took the dogs with me when i went to another town as i had to pick up a few things. so googled the dog park/walk area so i could let all 3 dogs lose. well the dog park area i usually go to people will stop and say hi and even pet the dogs.. But this park nope its kind of like it was more for people walking that could let their dogs lose but aren't really wanting to let their dogs play.

Ya ok the guys got to meet a few new dogs but couldn't play really with other dogs. Was really hoping that they would be able to play other dogs instead of the same old dogs. Maybe its just the town or well park area.. but if its going to be like this for most parks i don't really want to take my dog or her buddies with me if i travel if there is no good dog parks.
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