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thank you so so much Everyone: for your kind and wise words!

Thank you so much all of you: you really helped me so much with your kind and wise words. This is the time to be strong. I can't believe I fell into the clutches of a greedy vet - married to the local dog-and-cat exterminator - how could I be so naive? Of course he killed Dani with all his 'treatments'. I still have five cats here to defend from these psychopaths and there are millions more out on the streets of Cairo: what a nightmarish world we live in, don't we? If it weren't for people like you out there it would all be totally hopeless. It would all be desert without a cat or a dog to be seen or heard. Thank you so so so much from me and Dani! I mean it. Thank you for existing! I guess I will be sad about Dani forever but you are all great, you really are!
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