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Exclamation Other possible causes

Other possible causes for hind end weakness when diabetes has first been ruled out (I apologize if these have already been mentioned. If they have, I overlooked them):

1. Flea products - even if they came from another pet, especially a dog. Cross contamination or direct application of over-the-counter flea products have been know to cause all kinds of issues, including neurological ones. To prevent, do not use OTC products on any pets in household, only ones from vet clinic. Let vet know if this might be a cause.

- More info, emergency what to do, how to report... -

- Neurological issues developed after OTC flea products used -

2. Convenia injectable antibiotic (or generic equivalent) - has been shown to cause problems like anemia and death in some pets, even those who have had it before. It's not even an appropriate antibiotic to use for dental procedures. See Dr. Pierson's info -

- Also see FB page - "Convenia adverse reactions in cats/felines and dogs/canines" -

- Avoid Convenia by telling vet before any procedure & put it in pet's chart since some will give it without consulting you first (College of Veterinarians of Ontario disciplined a vet and noted they should not give it without a consent and for using it for off-label reason - on a Guinea pig. The pet died.)

- FDA notes what Convenia is not suitable to treat -
- Emergency - What to do if Convenia is Used by Your Veterinarian for an Off-Label Purpose -

3. Steroid use can cause cats to become diabetic with symptoms of hind leg weakness, so it's good to re check that. Ideally your vet should also have a blood glucose meter in the clinic. Even a hand held one (they normally read slightly lower than the lab test).
- Example of such a cat -

Note - Diabetic cats can often be made well again and go into remission (get off insulin), but it's easier to prevent it in the first place by feeding low carb canned foods. Our cat vet confirmed that many vets are not familiar with how to achieve diabetic remission. Dr. Pierson's Diabetes info -

- Low carb or a balanced raw diet can reduce or eliminate inflammation so steroids may never be needed.

- Short article by Dr. Gaskin why so many cats end up diabetic -

- Diabetic Cats in Need can assist people in Canada and the USA with diabetic cats and help prevent cats from being euthanized. Financial and other assistance may be available. -
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