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Thank you, koteburo

Thank you, koteburo, for caring enough to write to me. Your answer is so kind and clear-sighted. I feel so incredibly sad about dani - i can't think straight - because i love cats so much and i loved him in particular. He was so sweet-natured and i thought i'd saved him. i got so close. But you are so right: the vet diced with dani's life because he wanted the micro-chip money. So it's not just the rich people in the villas that are buying the most expensive cats and abandoning them because they don't have feelings left - or the neighbors that don't like to see cats in the streets because it disturbs their sense of order and devalues their properties - or his wife the exterminator - who are killing the cats in the street: it's the greed and ruthlessness of the vet himself. Both he and his wife see cats as a business: i should have seen that before. That would have saved dani. But thank you koteburo for caring and for seeing this so clearly
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