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Dani's last four questions

1. Have you ever heard of a gentle cat like Dani - a beautiful grey abandoned Persian cat - dying from being microchipped? Dani struggled a little and the vet injected enough tranquilizer to kill him

2. Should a vet not blood-test and examine a street cat before sedating him? I told the vet that I picked Dani up off the streets only two weeks before

3. Why did the vet persuade me to microchip Dani on the same day as the rabies and Felocell vaccine? Is it because he is so greedy for money he doesn't care about the additional risks?

4. The chances of a cat dying from sedation or anesthesia seems to be about 1/800 for a healthy cat and 1/70 for an ill one (scientific studies): do you not think this vet killed this beautiful cat through carelessness and callousness?

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