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The dogs have never made them act this way,the would hop all over the house and no problems at all. I don't have a phone waiting on a replacement part so unable to call any vets. I felt the male and he has the same lump albeit smaller. But the aggressive behavior, is making me think pregnancy. Thankfully I had an extra cage to put the daughter in as her mom was bitting her rear and chasing her all over the cage. Her daughter is a very very nervous rabbit to begin with so her mom attacking her was just awful.

The built nests 8 days ago,the mom made one,lined it in fur and ruined it the same day,the daughter built one the same time,took 4 days to line it in fur,but hasn't ruined it.

When I reach in to pick them up the make these soft sounds like they are not pleased. I don't know what to do. The daughter is 4 and never been pregnant so I have some concerns her pelvis being fused.
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