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An update on Heidi to all of you who were so kind. She went back to vet today --- had been throwing up and not eating, and looked like she was not feeling well. Long story short, she is dehydrated, has high liver and kidney counts. I had to move her today from Vet to 24/7 animal hospital. They will continue to rehyrdrate her and also perform a test to see if she has Addison's Disease. I took her to vet at 9 a.m. and over to 24/7 about 3:00. (She was looking a bit better when I transferred her.

Please pray for her recovery; she is a sweet, loving dog and 9 is still to young to "go".

As you can imagine, my elation on learning that the mast cell tumor was OK, has been downplayed by this new turn of events.
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