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Some tweaks were done yesterday - and my issues seem solved - can members report if they are still having issues? Sorry for the hassles but we are on it.

If you are still having issues - this might help. Thx!

Sometimes the issue after we 'fix' things, is directly related to the browser's cache holding the old information.

Here's how to do it:
How to Clear Your Browser Cache

A cache is temporary storage for website data, which is used to improve your browsing experience. However, sometimes the cache can store outdated information, and needs to be cleared. For more information about what a cache is and why it is important, please click here.

If you simply need a quick way to clear your cache, most modern browsers support the ctrl-shift-del (Option-Command-E for Safari users)key combination to bring up the privacy settings dialog. Once this dialog is on your screen, simply select the 'cache' option from the settings available, and continue. If this method does not work for you, please find your browser and version below for specific instructions.

For detailed instructions click here
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