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I hate seeing her pee blood too
And yes they'll be doing a culture. Should be ready today or tomorrow.
Sigh... Yeah, nothing but wait and see and do my "healing mantras"
My aunt has a totally black dog, beautiful mutt that I love and she has a tumor. My aunt's health is weak due to diabetes so I'm paying for my Boba dog's chemos and she seems to be responding well so far. Now Scully peeing blood but I never give up so I'll also change her food and try some other remedies along with her treatment (I hope it's not crystals but just an infection) .
There's also the always dreadful vet bills aaaaand god I'm whining too much. What matters the most is that they get healed.
I guess I got more emotional than usual (I get emotional when it comes to animals, not a dramatic person otherwise ) maybe because of the pregnancy that no one sees because I'm 5 months in and it's almost invisible with clothes on
Anyways I'll keep you updated also for advice once I know if she'll be responding to antibiotics and pain killers or not.
Keep the good vibes coming my way please! Well... My animals way
P.S. She went from wet evo 95% to dry Go grain free because she ended up hating the cans of any foid I tried. She seems to like Go canned and Almo though.She dilikes Wellness too. I know dry is not the best really.
" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
- Robert A. Heinlein
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