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Seizures in old dog

Leo, who is elevin-ish years old, has started having 5-10 second seizures a few times per day. Vet examined him and says, without doing a barrage of (expensive) tests, its hard to know for sure what the cause is. I forgot to ask the vet about anti-seizure meds for Leo, but is that something we should explore? I assume the vet has a good reason for not suggesting them, but I thought I'd check in here to see if anyone has an input or insights into this.

He is eating (less than normal, but enough) and drinking and while his balance seems affected, and he seems more lethargic than normal, he is otherwise pain free and seems comfortable. So, our course of action is to love Leo and carry on, until something changes or he begins to deteriorate further.

Anyone have any advice to offer to us as we navigate this new period of Leo's life? Vet says he's not optimistic about a recovery, and he sounded like he thought this could be the end for old Leo, which we are accepting of, if that's the case. We just want to make sure we do right by our old boy.
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