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well i think she has done growing tall wise she might fill outwards a bit but not to much as she is a mix breed. the x-large kennel online says for 90 lbs and the 2-x is for 110 lbs and Nyx is 100 last time i took her to get weighed.
i would love to take her but not a lot of places in my small town that sell the kennels are a nice price that allow dogs to come in. might go up to a grooming place near my place that does sell a few kennels n stuff for dogs.

i am looking at another metal crate kennel for her.. and i usually go by weigh or even height. as i didn't even think to look up by breed.

being a rottweiler mix and her beating what they average standard female rotty max height and she beats the height for the other mixes to..
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