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Originally Posted by CsqU4r3d View Post
They arrived here Thursday morning and will go home Sunday night or Monday morning, Everyone is getting along fairly well..a few minor skirmishes. My littlest one Minni is not too impressed with the big ole' Rottie, she growls every time the rottie moves, and keeps her cute little butt firmly planted on the couch or under the kitchen table to avoid being sniffed! Her sister Miikka on the other hand has no problem trying to kick some Rottie butt...Nessie doesn't quite know what to make of that. Little T-Bear is a barker he barks at any and everything and nothing at all! His very worst thing is jet planes...he runs outside everytime he hears one and barks like a mad thing...he will even bark if he looks up and notices the contrails...cracks me up!
That is funny about your dog keeping her butt from being sniffed , she it a little lady.
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