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Almo Nature - kitty approved

I have been feeding Angel a mix of wet and dry for the past year. With some raw once in a while.

At first I had her on the Wellness canned, which she likes, however lately (2 months now?) I have started giving her Almo Nature. This stuff seems really high quality. When I open a can, it has not been processed into a paste or blob. You can actually see the chunks or meat and big flakes of fish, even the smell is really nice. If somebody didn't know, when they open a tin, they could easily think that it was a can of salmon or tuna that was meant for human consumption.

The ingredient list for the "100% tuna and white bait in broth" has all of...wait for it...THREE ingredients. Tuna, water sufficient for cooking, white bait.

It costs slightly more, but I don't mind and Angel seems to like it.

If anyone is interested, I can take some pictures next time I open a can.
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