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Originally Posted by rottysrule View Post
i know about the collar part.. ok heres a question cause how does this measurement go. lol is it height, length width. i having a total brain fart today and can't think of it right now.
(48 in. x 29.5 in. x 32 in.)

only thing going in the kennel is her blanket her stuffy rotty that she had since a pup doesnt chew on in just cuddles it and her.
Can you bring your dog with you when buy the crate so the salesperson can see how big your dog is? Did you look on line for dog crate by weight or breed of dog ? how big will your dog get?
I have a small and brought a crate to carry him when I first got him.. I put Marty in the crate and locked the door and picked the crate by the handle and the door flew open and my dog jumped out ! '
I was so lucky this happen inside my house and not outside. The design of the crate was horrible. The crate was held together by plastic flaps and the weight of Marty dog pulled the flaps apart .

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