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what size of crate is best?

OK well Nyx hasn't been crated since she was 3 months during the day other then when she was about 6 months for a week as she went through a quick lets chew things when we weren't home. Reason for not keeping her crated is i had the crate in my room( which is in the basement) for night time crating. Porsche our older dog had separation anxiety and would pee on her bed, so we starting leaving Nyx out n no pee on the dog bed.
so now back to my question what size of dog crate should i use for Nyx, I am tired of having to fight with Nyx to get out the door and if i give her a long chew treat she wont touch it for 2 weeks. she 25 1/2 inches at her shoulders now, so not sure if i should go with a 2-x large metal kennel or just a x-large metal kennel. I rather not have a kennel that is to large for her.
I also think this will help my mother out when I am not home and she can put Nyx in the kennel when I leave and she can bring Nyx out again after i leave.
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