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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
And that's partly why I grit my teeth whenever I see somebody present grain free dog food as if it's a panacea for all doggy ills. A lot of grain free uses potatoes.

Some dogs do just fine on potatoes, mine does. On corn and oats too when we hit those rotations.
I found that this web site after I been feeding Marty a grain free wet dog food and it has white potatoes . It's very confusing to know what to feed your pet. Here I am thinking I am doing a good thing not feeding my dog grains or dried dog food and I find that web site on line. I also was told garlic
and onions are bad for dogs and the Co op I buy my dog food sell treats for dogs that has garlic and onion in it. I wish the animals experts and vets would get together and agree what is OK to feed our pets. I feeling I am hitting my head against a
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