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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
That's devotion for you, rottysrule, Does it bother you at all that it's devotion to your best friend, or is she just as much in love with you? Must say a friend's GSD is always extremely happy to see me, but my own pup, apart from adoring my husband, hasn't met anyone he's that taken with.
DD, it'd be great if you could find that photo, such a classic. LOL.
doesnt bother me at all someone else can get the 100lb lap dog and over love.. She howls and whines when i leave the house with out her.. she freaks if i even outside without her. If i am away for a couple days i cant even go the washroom without her for at least a day, if i sit down she lay partly on me or laying so i have to step on her to move. i put on shoes she right at the door.
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