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I think it's firmly established and confirmed your Vet is an eejit.

So I will address the irresponsibility of BYB. It sounds as if these might have been the breeders you speak of.

A reputable breeder proves their dog worthy of being bred by showing it in competition for conformation or obedience or hunt tests or field trials or something but that's just part of it. They health test their dog for elbows, hips, heart, eyes, and with a Lab EIC and CNM. Some of these can be passed on to pups if the dog is a carrier and is bred to the wrong bitch. The dog and bitch themselves may not show the ailment/disease. Then reputable breeders stand behind their puppies with a health/temperament guarantee. Plus a reputable breeder will be able to similarly show the results of such health tests for their dog's parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Their dogs will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (if in Canada) but that in itself is just the beginning and in no way guarantees anything other than pedigree. Labs are the most popular breed in N. America for something like 17 years in a row and one of the most poorly bred by BYB.

This Labrador Retriever board has a whole section advising people on what to look for in a breeder.
A look here might help you decide if you really want to go about bringing yet another litter of puppies into the world when so many are already available in shelters. In general I think you will find here that we love all puppies, well bred from reputable breeders or rescues from shelters and mutts. Most of us would pay for a well bred pup or support a shelter or rescue but never, again, pay money to a pet store, puppy mill or BYB. The "again" is in there because so many of us did when we knew no better, which seems to be where you are at right now.

I hope your poor doodle dog is OK. If you wanted her spayed I don't understand why the Vet did not abort the puppies and go ahead since he had her open anyway. Please have both your dogs altered or watch them more carefully. I'm sorry to say you must bear some responsibility for allowing her to become pregnant in the first place.
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