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Some things are lost in text Jull. I really didn't take it as a personal attack from LL. Nor was I meaning to seem combative. And I do understand the dog breeder opinion. We all have our opinions on these types of things. I probably have a differing opinion on dog breeders than most. It is because I have been to some places that breed dogs professionally. I can't say that I would even purchase a dog from any that I've been to. My opinion is based on what I have seen and witnessed personally.

I'm sure there are plenty of great dog breeders out there, but the ones that I have visited seem to treat the animals poorly. The two that I saw must have also ran like doggie hotels. The dogs are caged inside and outside, constantly bark. It reminded me more of a dog pound. Surprisingly I know of several people that paid big money for purebred dogs that came from breeders, only to have them die very early from all kinds of strange medical conditions. It would leave one to believe that these "breeders" didn't stretch far enough to make sure that the dogs weren't related. Maybe they weren't registered?

I have never purchased a dog from a breeder, and every dog I have owned so far has had a long full life with no hip problems, weird bone or organ anomalies. My cousin recently bought a boxer and paid almost 1k for him. She purchased the dog from a breeder from Ont. and the dog just died of a bizarre heart condition.

Because of these reasons I'm far from sold on them. I know it's not a guarantee that a pup from my dogs litter will have the same great traits, however I've had dogs all my life. I have used the same method of picking pups out of a litter each time I have acquired one. So far it has worked great!

The puppies will all be check out at a vets, have their needles, etc.

I didn't plan or want this batch of puppies, but I still wouldn't have aborted them all the same. The dog was dumped on us, and we have done as much as possible to give her a great home. She is a pretty good dog, albeit pretty dainty and girlie. Not exactly the type of dog that I would ever choose. Good lord she can't even fetch! lol. She is awesome all the same, and my wife and two girls ages 10 and 12 adore her.

Lastly, I'm really not looking for validation or justification to sue the vet. I also believe that you may have misunderstood. He did not spay her. He started to spay her, realized she was pregnant then sewed her back up.... He was supposed to check if she was pregnant first. I basically just wanted some input on whether anyone thought it was odd. Personally I think it is.
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