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I appreciate your input on the xray. I have already booked an appointment to get that complete. I also understand your logic behind breeding my male lab, however I disagree with only breeding dogs for the working trials and confirmation. I am a dog owner because I love dogs. It sounds like you're saying that the only reason that dogs should be bred is to put them in shows.

We want to breed him as he is an incredible pet, easily trained, very protective of our children (but not aggressive), unusually non hyper, and a great hunting dog. The plan is simply to find another lab with similar characteristics and having pick of the litter with expectations of continuing owning another like him when he eventually is gone.

The pregnancy with the female that was literally just dropped on us was pretty much unavoidable. It certainly wasn't because we aren't responsible pet owners. I wouldn't have had the vet abort the pups anyway. We already have a line up of people we know that have asked for a pup just because of how great a dog they know our lab is.

This is all really a moot point anyway. The question was regarding the veterinarian. You seem to have plenty of knowledge and opinion on breeding but can't say if you think that a vet should or should not have attempted to spay a dog in their last 7 days of pregnancy...?
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