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Exclamation Question for community

Hi there,
I'm new to this forum, and have registered to get an opinion from other pet owners regarding an experience that I recently had with my dogs vet.

We have a lab male, and a labradoodle female. Neither of them neutered or spayed. Our lab that we have had for 4 years is such a great dog that we thought that we might someday breed him so we decided not to neuter him. The labradoodle... Well we basically had her dropped on us as friends of ours had to move out of province. It was put to us that if we didn't take her then she was going to the animal rescue league. So.. We too her in. We immediately made an appointment to see the vet about having her spayed and apparently it was too close to her cycle so we had to wait. You're probably beginning to understand where this story is going.

So moving forward to the future. We expect that she is pregnant so we take her to the vet to see. He didn't think she was (but said he would check the next time she was in) so we made an appointment to have her spayed finally. 3 weeks later we take her in. I'm thinking that she's looking like she might be pregnant. Her rib cage seems wider, and nipples are much larger. My wife drops Bella (our labradoodle female) in for the operation, we get a call within an hour from the vet personally. He didn't check to verify whether or not she was pregnant and made the incision. Only then does he realize that she is indeed pregnant. He calls and lets us know and says he'll sew her back up and it "should be ok".

Am I crazy or does this seem totally messed up? He admitted no wrong doing and gave us the bill like nothing happened. I'm pretty angry and considering taking some sort of action. This vet is really a pretty good guy and even if he did something wrong, I don't blame him for not admitting it, as it leaves him open immediately for legal action. I'm not interested in trying to sue him for doggie malpractice or anything but if something does go wrong with my dog or her pups then I fully intend to do something.

My question, after this long short story is does anyone else here think that in the final week of pregnancy this vet should have easily known that she was pregnant without cutting her open? It seems to me that he was totally negligent and failed to read her file. Maybe it's because he's going through some personal issues or who knows, but I believe that he really screwed up.
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