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And just yesterday I was reading an article of a kitten who almost died because his owners had him on a Vegan diet, which consisted of potatoes, rice milk and pasta!

I have slowly been changing my diet too, I have to say my dogs have a much better diet than I do But you know, I also think its not the actual foods, but everything we have done to it (pesticides, gmo's whatever else) I mean, for example back in the day people ate a lot of potatoes or rice because it was cheap and they didn't have all the problems we have now.

A few years ago I lived in a small town in Costa Rica while doing volunteer work, and one of the main meals was Gallo Pinto, which is a mix of rice and beans, almost everyday I had that once or even twice a day, plus lots of fresh fruits, by the time I came back to Canada I had lost weight and was feeling pretty good... and then there was poutine
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