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Originally Posted by gibor View Post
Agree! Back home we were buying raw cow milk when I lived at cottege and when it was still warm (all my childhood) I was drinking 1-1.5 litres almost every summer day and it was excellent, and it took me sometime to use to drink processed milk when I was coming back to city.
Unfortunatelly also in Ontario I cannot buy raw milk.

My mom was giving to the kitten processed milk/cream to our kitten, so far no diarrhea. maybe those "street born" kittens are more resistant that pure-breeded ?!

Well just because there is no diarrhea it doesn't mean it wont affect the kitten's digestive system. Since "real" milk is not an option, maybe you can check some of your local pet stores for other options. I know at my local store I can get "Pro Bloom" from the honest kitchen, which is Dehydrated goat's milk, my dogs tried it a couple times and they loved it!

I am a total Raw Milk supporter hopefully someday we are able to get it again here in Canada.
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