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Originally Posted by Jull View Post
Sometimes you have to be careful with fish products too because of their high mercury content, not sure with tuna but my guess is yes (?).

if you give your kitten milk make it raw milk from grass feed cow or goat, here in Sk I can buy goat milk but not cow (it is still illegal here unfortunately) but not any of the store milk, it is bad enough we drink it lol.

salmonella contamination can be found on other meats besides poultry, I even remember of an article I read sometime ago of salmonella found on vegetables. Now, salmonella is more harmful to us than cats and dogs, on a healthy animal the acid in their stomach makes them resistant to pathogens. of course you also want e sure safety meat handling always.

this is a list of fish that mercury . Cow milk is meant for calf and really should not be fed to other animals.
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