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Originally Posted by Jull View Post
hmmm that is a big difference in price, I know for each of my dogs it was $300 or so... did they tell you exactly what each quote included? for example, a blood work, the anesthesia, pain medication, etc.
The cheaper one "At 5-6 months she can be spayed: $151+tax; IV, microchip and bloodwork additional options.
Pain medication for 2 days, and cone collar, are included in the price."

Expensive one : "If vaccines are up to date pre-surgical is 53.90 + tax and the spay is 337.25 + tax if done between 5-6 months of age. Included in that fee is anesthetic, surgery, IV fluids during surgery and pain medication. Recheck is required in a week which is also included in that cost. Additional
fee would be if a collar is needed for licking, usually $ 15 for that."

I've heard good reviews about the cheaper one.... but he's pretty far from my home.
So, just wanted to check vets closer to home and got 2nd (more expensive quote)
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