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Originally Posted by gibor View Post
Yes, to find good vet is not easy... as an example I just got 2 quotes from Mississauga animal hospital for kitten spaying. One asks for $151 + tax, another one for $391 + tax.
hmmm that is a big difference in price, I know for each of my dogs it was $300 or so... did they tell you exactly what each quote included? for example, a blood work, the anesthesia, pain medication, etc... I personally would look more at the place/clinic than the cost, but that is just me lol if I don't like the place I don't go; but it also depends on your budget, and if you know people that have gone to those clinics, ask them about their experience. But wait, you one both quotes from one place?

I like to think there is not bad Vets, there are just some that are misinformed, and others that are less open minded, and then the ones that you really connect with.
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