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Originally Posted by lindapalm View Post
You might find that your vet either gives you a hard time, or refuses to treat your kitten when he needs attention. My cats don't get shots anymore, now that their getting older, and my vets always bug me about it. One has refused to clean my cats teeth, and the other one made me sign a waiver. My cats never go outside.
I'm so blessed to have a wonderful vet that respects my decisions, and that takes the time to evaluate my pet and lifestyle to determine what if any vaccines would be necessary.. in my case my dog has had reactions to vaccines, so none for him.

You can also do titer tests - funny, most vets do titer tests on themselves, so they don't over-vaccinate, but when you ask to have them done for your pet they also give you a hard time Not sure what part of Canada you are in, but maybe you can find a clinic that does titer tests instead of just vaccinating all the time.
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