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Nino has black roots?

The last time I took Nino to the vet, I asked her to check his skin, as he's flaky. So she did a scraping and looked at it for mites or any other creepy crawlies might be causing it. Nothing showed up. So I've noticed that when combing him, his roots are black? Not the hair but the root. Of course, yesterday when I had him in there, I totally forgot about it. Whatever it is, it's not moving, there's no blood dirt like you get with fleas. His skin isn't red and no sores anywhere. Nobody else has any sign of itchiness or flakiness and no black roots. I searched google and didn't find anything like that. It's kind of weird to say the least. I'm going to try to get some of his hair to the vet, maybe she has some idea what it is, if anything.
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