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Question WestJet and Sleepypod Air?

Hi everyone!

I wanted to know if anyone had any experience flying westjet with a sleepypod air? I'm flying in mid-September from Toronto to Vancouver with my cat Goose, and purchased a Sleepypod Air because it seemed to fit all of the requirements really well, and had excellent reviews.

On the Sleepypod air website, it lists two sets of measurements. One set for when the carrier is fully expanded, and one for when it is 'compressed', with the ends flipped up. The compressed measurements list the height at 8 inches (20cm) as opposed to the expanded height of 10.5 inches (27 cm). A diagram illustrates this same change in height.

When I got mine today however, I didn't see a real change in height when I compressed the ends! I'm freaking out now because I'm worried westjet will not allow it, since their website states carriers must be no higher than 8.5 inches. On other forums people say it's usually fine with carriers that are a bit too large, but has anyone actually flown westjet with this particular carrier who could let me know if it was alright or not? Thanks everyone!
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