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Originally Posted by Loki Love View Post
It's pretty grain heavy - I'm not sure how much you're paying so it's hard for me to say if there are comparable options out there

What other brands have you tried? Costco does sell a good grain free food for a relatively decent price (if that's an option?)
It comes out to just over $45/bag.

Tried; Dog chow,BB,Purina,Lifetime

Our nearest Costco is about 2-2.5 hours away=/
Edit: Also just checked online, no dog food listings for them.
I live in the sticks, so there aren't many options.
We have a pet valu in town, which is where I buy their current food, a country depot which has some food, but I haven't had a chance to really check them out yet, and just local farm co-ops, again, haven't checked many out but the one I have been to mostly just sold the same grocery store stuff and a couple of brands I'd never heard before.
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